“Can I just get all the digital files?”

One of the most frequent questions we get as photographers is: “Can I just get all the digital files?”

Short answer... No.

Long answer...

First of all, in a shoot, I may take hundreds and hundreds of photos, but we may only end up with 30 or 40 good ones. Are your eyes closed? Did you make a weird face? Did you move and are blurred?

Maybe some aren't even that blatantly odd, but we also may have 20 of the exact same pose....we've combed through hundreds of these photos and picked the objectively best one.

Here's the truth... we may take 400 photos. 300 of those probably have someone's eyes closed or someone looking away. So we're left with maybe 100 'okay' photos. Many of those will be duplicate poses, or maybe they're just not the best version of you. So we continue to come through those 100 and maybe we get down to 30-40 good photos.

We don't send the unedited 'okay' photos because we also need to protect ourselves. If clients were to show these unedited, extra photos to anyone this could be extremely harmful to our reputation.

As professionals, we pick and choose the best of a bunch and work tirelessly to make sure they look the absolute best and you look the absolute best. Everyone has moments of being unphotogenic and I don't know about you but ... those photos of myself make me cringe and be filled with self-doubt and loathing.

We don't want that for you! We want you to see yourself at your absolute best!

You hired us as professionals to capture these images. So Trust us! If we have not shown you certain photos...they were left out for a reason.

I assure you... we're not holding onto a bunch of wonderful photos denying you access to seeing them. There is no 'hidden gem' that we decided to withhold from you. We want to make you happy!

- Ciara

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