No, I won't be Photoshopping you.

At least not to the extreme!

We are capturing and presenting the best version of YOU. Your photos will represent your beautiful self and no one else.

I will edit out that blemish, or scrape, that smudge of makeup, soften that skin. Brighten those shadows, play with the light, contrast and colours to make the captured image the best it can be.

I will not: 'Make me thinner', 'Edit out all those wrinkles', 'Get rid of those jowls'

I CAN do those things, but I am choosing not to.

Why: Because I believe in showing you! Your real beauty. Part of this experience is helping you to realize you are amazing as you are. I don't want to show you a distorted image of you... I want you to see the beautiful reality!

When we are constantly bombarded with unrealistic representations, retouching, manipulation, distorts our view of what is natural and truly beautiful. It only serves to reinforce the negative self-image so many of us struggle with and it's time we break that cycle.

Let's take back our power. The first step is changing how we think.

Look at this before and after of Kim Kardashian. WHY?! She was stunning in the first photo...why are we making her waist, hips, bust, legs, arm and face slimmer and narrower when the reality was already beautiful.

It's a reminder that even celebrities don't look like the image that is presents of them. The extreme photoshop needs to stop.

Disagree? Ask why... why do you believe that presenting a fictional version of yourself is better than the reality? Who are you faking it for? Who told you that you needed to?

Now I'm not talking about fun effects like compositing yourself underwater, or into a mermaid tail, or a winter wonderland, removing that awkward passerby in the background. These are the things photoshop is great for.

I'm talking about drastically changing who you are.

I want to capture and enhance your beauty... not create someone entirely different.

The right hair, makeup, clothes, pose, location can all enhance our confidence and make us more comfortable and when we're comfortable we shine. Everyone is photogenic with the right guidance.

Trust me.

Now if someone wants photos of themselves to be photoshopped and manipulated until the cows come that an expression? Well, by all do you. Just keep in mind that is not what we will be doing here.