What kind of additional costs could you expect?

Often times your session will be all-inclusive, one price for the time and the included images but there are add ons.

If you want more time that should be arranged before the shoot so we can set out enough time.

When would I recommend extra time? If you have a lot of people (more than 5 in a family) I would absolutely recommend booking extra time. It is incredibly hard to get groups of people in sync and takes much longer than an individual or a couple. Also, this gives the opportunity to get individual shots of everyone as well.

When else?

If you have a lot of outfits you want to try beyond recommended, adding extra time gives you the opportunity to change a few times and potentially getting the most out of your shoot.

Hourly Rate

Extra Hour $125.00 GST included

Half Hour $62.50 GST Included


$0.50 per mile if the chosen location is more than 25 km from my home base.

How it's Calculated?

For example, Birds Hill Provincial Park is 34 km from me. I would subtract the included 25 km (50 km both ways), so 9 km x 2 (we're going there and back) so that would be 18 km

18 x $0.50 = $9 + GST

So there would be an additional charge of $9.45 on the invoice.

Digital Files

Depending on your photographer they may include some digital files in your session, or none at all and charge additionally for the actual photos after the shoot. I choose to do both. Depending on the package and type of photo shoot, you will get 10-20 digital photo files. You will be shown the group of photos with watermark and you get to choose the ones you want at which point the watermark will be removed and you will be able to download the files, the other files will then go into storage, maybe for use for my website or social media or other projects.

If you want more than the allotted amount of photos (say there's 1 or two you absolutely love beyond your amount) You can purchase them!

$10 + GST per extra digital file.

$15 + GST for commercial files that will be used for advertising/business reasons. (These are photos from your Commercial shoot)

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