A Weekend in South Dakota

I have to be honest, a trip to South Dakota was never near the top of my list for travel purposes. However, when my family was trying to find something to do with our last shared week of holidays and the idea of Mount Rushmore was thrown out.

So, we booked it. One night in Sioux Falls, Two nights in a cabin in Hot Springs, SD and everything in between. It was a whole lot of driving, exhausting but the scenery was surprisingly picturesque.

Our first stop in Falls Park, Sioux Falls

After driving eight hours on the first day to get to Sioux Falls leaving the hotel room wasn't exactly high priority but after much convincing we rushed out and to the main attraction in town, Falls Park.

The golden hour was at its prime as we approached the falls. Rushing water was surrounding by rock and lush green grass. On top the hill are the ruins from an old building and at the end an overlook cafe. The Falls were powerful and you only had to step down to the overlook to begin being sprayed with water.

It was nothing like the power of Athabasca or Niagara Falls which I've seen on other trips but, it held its own sort of beauty.

Another Long Haul

Day Two started out well, with a long, mostly uninspired drive. That was until we decided to take a stop at Wall Drug which is made up to be like an Old West Town. Filled with various shops, and tasty treats it was a fun photo opportunity, not to mention to deals I got on crystals from their rock shop!

We spent probably too much time scouring the shops in this little tourist trap before getting back on the road and heading to the cabin.

The Cabin Life

Two nights we spent at this Campground. There were amenities, such as a lake, kayaks, trails. However, we didn't really get to enjoy the cabin life. There was too much to see. We were on a mission. However my sister did manage to snatch my camera away from me and capture our surroundings on the first night.

We did manage however to enjoy our nights playing board games. We were able to disconnect with no cell phones or wifi to occupy our attention. It was a nice break.

Mount Rushmore

The main attraction. Neat to see, but the whole experience was a bit disappointing. I was truly one of those things that once you've seen've seen it. Now what? We snapped some pictures, had a snack at their cafe and then got back on the road and detoured through Keystone (Yet another old west town worth touring) and to Rushmore Mountain Amusement Park.

Took a turn on their Eagle Zipline and opted to not take the mountain coaster ride. (The line was waaay too long).

Heading Home and Roadside Stop

Have you ever just put all your trust in your GPS? Well, that's what we did on the way home and for some reason... Apple maps took us down every little backroad highway possible to get home. We got stopped, by a woman in the road holding a construction 'stop' sign and told it would be awhile. Nothing like being stranded, roadside in the middle of South Dakota right? RIGHT! I got to admire a beautiful field of Sunflowers that made it almost worth it.

All in all, it was a good trip, and made for some memories which is what it's all about.

- Ciara

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